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Ownership Data


Prospecting Made Easy

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Ownership Data is a direct access prospecting tool that provides the full names, contact addresses, and phone numbers of resident and absentee owners.


Winning Edge has been providing Ownership Data to the real estate industry for over 12 years in its current format and hosts databases for both Victoria and Queensland. ODB’s main business is to assist in the generation of sales listings or even grow a rent roll, but in reality, it can be used for almost anything you can think of.

We have been providing owner information to the real estate industry since 2006 and have multiple databases across Victoria and Queensland. Ownership Data is proven to assist in the generation of listings, rent rolls, and sales.


Ownership Data is currently used by over 600 businesses across Victoria and Queensland, ranging from small agencies to major franchise real estate groups, we even have some solar providers and mortgage brokers growing their businesses with Ownership Data.

How can I utilise it?

Stack of Envelopes

Mail Merge

Utilize our data lists to generate  your own mail marketing addressed directly to property owners by name at their address, whether they are investors or resident owners

Mobile Phone

Phone Prospecting

While it is not simply a reverse directory Ownership Data does contain an extensive repository of numbers for you to utilize in your prospecting, and all phone numbers go directly to the owner's residency addresses not to the tenants.


Front Door

Door Knocking

It isn't every agent's favorite prospecting endeavor, but door knocking can be incredibly effective and it is much more effective when you can address residents by name.

Direct marketing in the Digital Age

With the emergence of the do not call register and regulations imposed by the ACMA , as well as the spam act over the last decade. Traditional direct market media has once again become a key tool in the property market for direct advertising or communication. 


Smart Search

You asked and we've provided. Gone are the days of municipality and postcode searches, it's as simple as typing in the suburb, street or property you want.

Online Mail merge

Ownership Data doesn't merge out a bulky confusing CSV anymore, the system will now retain your merges in a dedicated merge tool where you can store templates and create merges in a few simple steps, saving you time and effort.

Custom Map Searching

Ownership Data comes with a map search function to make your hot spot and farm area marketing, more intuitive and fluid than ever. Whether you want to search in a radius or within a freehand area, Ownership Data can do it.

Integrated Listing Data Tool

Ownership Data's listing data tool enables you to search for properties that are currently or previously been on the market. Search using 30, 60, and 90-day filters, or you can even apply a custom range to suit your needs.


Quarterly data updates
it may sound like science fiction, but unlike some data providers, Ownership Data does not provide you with static lists, but rather an integrated data search engine tool, which we update quarterly to always keep you on top of your market.  

Live Chat to support Team

Manned support chat during business hours will be your new instant point of contact from directly within Ownership Data. Making support more effective and accessible than it has been before.


Work Desk

DNC Compliance

Our phone number records are also washed against the government’s Do Not Call register every 28 days, enabling you to see your Do Not Call numbers highlighted in red. 


Is it Legal?

All the information we provide through Ownership Data is 100% legal for prospecting and does not put your Real Estate license or business in jeopardy to utilize it for data mining.

Ownership Data has been around since 2006 and has ensured maximum compliance with authorities over this period. Our Mail is also compliant with no junk mail and Australia post only.

Is it right for you?

Ownership data is a prospecting tool that has been designed to integrate with any size business model. It's customization and flexibility have given us the ability to provide data to clients as small as one person mobile outfits, as well as some of the largest prospecting agencies and Real Estate companies in the country. We encourage you to have a look at our product, either in person or online to see if it is right for you.


We know that with Ownership Data at your disposal, those new listings and rentals are within your grasp.


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